Intego Capital, LLC recently learned that a lawsuit was filed against it and one of its principles by Liquipel, LLC. The lawsuit has no merit, whatsoever, and Intego Capital believes Liquipel filed the lawsuit in an effort to divert attention away from its own improper conduct and to cause confusion in the marketplace concerning the exclusive rights owned by Intego Capital. In fact, the lawsuit was filed only after Liquipel had received multiple cease and desist demands, including one from Intego Capital and one from Europlasma NV (Liquipel's licensor) regarding Liquipel's improper and infringing conduct, and the issuance of a recent press release by Europlasma clarifying Intego's exclusive rights. Rather than adhere to the valid demands made to it, Liquipel elected to file a frivolous lawsuit for tactical reasons, only. Also, in an attempt to defame Mr. Camille Chidiac while hiding behind the litigation privilege, Liquipel parroted certain allegations contained in recent articles concerning Mr. Chidiac published by the USA Today, which allegations asserted by Liquipel are patently false. Intego Capital and Mr. Chidiac will file its own claims against Liquipel and is confident that it will prevail in the action.

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